Tom Slager

Not quite sure if he is cruising into, past, or through his midlife crisis, Tom finds himself with the belief that there are a lot of stories to tell. A jack of many trades, he has worked in education, retail, and not for profit industries. High school teacher, corporate trainer, fundraiser and stockboy cover the span of his work. A proud graduate of Calvin University, he has never lost his love of a good history or a good argument. He has always believed that the story of an individual is just as important as the story of a nation.

My Contributions

I Got the Beef!  Adventures in Cuba

I Got the Beef! Adventures in Cuba

For most North Americans, Cuba is a land of mystery. U.S. Citizens are only allowed to visit if their trip falls under one of 12 specific categories, with “tourism” notably absent from that list. Canadian Citizens are allowed to visit Cuba without restriction but...

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