If you are seeing this page, you have gone behind the scenes.  This page is not for the general public is link is given out individually.  You will find information on writing, posting, and a bunch of other stuff.  This is designed to a resource for contributors.

Click the links below to jump right to the section you want to see.  The Jumps work, but presently they start under the banner up top.  So if you jump to a section, just scroll down a bit.  I will figure this out later, seems to involve coding.  Which Scares me. 

What Kind of Content?

At Candid Badger you can write about nearly anything.  I draw the line automatically anything that looks like slander or pornography. After that, anything is open to a discussion.  Posts are made under the author’s name which means opinions and views are held only by the author.  That said, I will hesitate to publish something that I feel could be harmful to the image I want to create for the Candid Badger.   

99% of the content that writers come up with will fit.  I will not be in the habit of vetting stuff beforehand.  So, if you think something you want to write might be on the edge, please check in with me first for a discussion before you put a ton of work into a piece.  

There has to be an understanding that one author may choose to write an opinion that another author strongly disagrees with, or an author may interview a person that other authors may believe to be not a great human.   Unless the story violates the slander/porn condition, I will be highly inclined to publish the piece.  We have to assume that our experiences are different than others.  As authors, we always have the ability to write a piece with an opposing viewpoint. 

There is always a small chance that the piece you submit will be rejected.  If it is, you will receive feedback and be given an opportunity to discuss a way forward.  Again, I don’t see this actually happening, but it could.  So, if your piece is on the edge, lets talk first!

How to Submit

Please, try to write everything on Google Docs.  If you have a Gmail address, you have Google Docs.  If you use Chrome as your web browser you have easy access.  There is a button on Chrome that gives you access to Google Apps, just click the Docs button. 

Share your document with me from Google Docs.  tslager14@gmail.com  that way, I can see it and leave comments. 

Try to find royalty-free images email them me, or if you have a lot of photos, use wetransfer.com  Again, send them to tslager14@gmail.com.  Royalty-free images will be ones that you take, or that you find in various stock photography galleries.  I use pexels.com.

Do proofread as best as you can. Google Docs has a basic grammar and spell checker built-in. You can also add extensions to Chrome that give it even better capabilities.  Find someone else to read your stuff before sharing it with me.  Once I see it, I will likely have recommendations on changes.  These are based on flow, structure, and SEO.  Don’t be offended, its what an editor does (partly).

Here is a link to an extensive bloggers checklist.  You don’t have to hit every one of these every time, but if you keep this in mind, your articles will rank better and the amount of changes and revisions should decrease as well. 

What is SEO?

 Search Engine Optimization.  I will admit, at this point, I don’t fully understand it.  But there are things that can be done to help search engines find and rank your page. The higher you rank, the sooner your result appears in a search. 

I run a plugin on this website that evaluates and scores each post for how well the SEO is taken into account.  Most posts end up with a score of around 65-75 (out of 100) and that means that all the basic SEO criteria have been met, and a few of the bonus criteria.  This plugin allows me to select a key word and test the score for different ones.  It does not tell me if my keyword is good, however.  That takes other research.  

Things that help the SEO score and are easy for authors to do consist of having photos, and having links to other websites.  Also, it would help The Candid Badger overall if we could candidbadger.com linked from other websites.  

The truth is, I am still learning about this.  But since I have been given a couple of clues, and have started making this an emphasis before I post content, I have seen through analytics that it makes a difference.  Not a huge one yet, but slowly, over time, more and more people are finding The Candid badger through Bing and Google searches

Author Information

Each author has been asked to provide an email address and a bio.  Your email address is used to create an account on The Candid Badger that you could log into and post your own content.  At this point, I am not asking you to do that, nor do I think it’s the way I want to go at this point.  But the way WordPress is built, I have to have the information in order for you to receive writing credit and to be able to filter posts by author. 

Your email is not being given out to anyone.  On our contact form, there is an option to request contact with an author.  Should I receive a request, I will pass that along to the author and it will be up to them to decide if they wish to interact with the reader. 

Your biography shows up in two places.   If you click the contributors link on the bottom of the page it will bring you to a table view of all authors with a short form of their bio.  If you click the button below that, or if you click the author name from a post, the page routes to a bio page of just that specific author.  If you have submitted a longer bio, the full-length one will appear here, along with list of the blogs that author has written.

Should you wish, I can link up your social media so that people can click an icon on your stuff and be taken right to your social media pages.  That is up to you, however. 

Analytics and Reach

Candid Badger was born in August of 2020.  It is not very old.  I have hooked the site up to Google Analytics and there is, once again, a lot to learn.  But it is beginning to provide insight on users and patterns.  

The website currently sees around 600 visits per month.  I don’t think this is too bad for a brand new endeavor.  We can grow it by continuing to offer interesting and wide-ranging topics.  Those of us that live in Chatham-Kent could focus on stories with a local angle.  Doesn’t have to be exclusively so, but our target area for growth is our hometown.  Authors from outside the area are quite welcome, as they will help provide the breadth we need in content choice. 

Right now, until we rank higher in search engines, our best strategy is through social media.   If you write about someone or something that is active on social media, encourage them to SHARE it.  Likes are good, shares actually bring more people in.  

If anyone is curious as to how their article has performed with readers, just ask! 

What about Photography?

As you can see, we do have an image gallery. So far, we have one contributor, and I would be happy to have more.   Images do not seem, at this point, to be a driver of views, but I wanted to have a place to tell a story through visuals.

If you have photographs that are themed, or have a story to tell by the way they are grouped, let’s have a conversation about what images you wish to put up.  The Badger’s image gallery is not the right place for random images, so I would just want to make sure we are on the same page.

If you would like to feature your own photographic talents or would like to create content that is more images than text, that can be done through an article posting fairly easily.  Again, it would be best to contact me first, so we can come up with a format to submit them, but that shouldn’t be too hard.

Photography in general should be well-composed and not in need of colour, brightness, and tone processing.  Your photos will be resized to fit the format of the post being made.  All photos must be created and owned by you or have written permission for use if not.