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Strategy. Content. Social.

Goals. Strategy. Tactics.

You have hopes and dreams–goals–for your business.  Working together we use those goals to create realistic strategies and implement specific tactics that can help you reach those goals.

Throughout the process, you gain knowledge and skills that will serve you well into the future.

Content Writing

Your website is your front door.  Professionally written, high-quality content can guide each prospective client through your digital front door and on to consider the actions you wish them to take. 

From brand background stories, employee profiles, blogs, speeches and scripts; if you need it written, it pays to have it written well.  

Social Media Deployment

Do you want to grow your followers or drive people to your website or physical location? Do you know which customers you are most likely to reach with each platform?  Do you post to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with no tangible results?

We teach you tactics learned from real-world experience and put you in control.

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About ME

I’ve been a “facilitator” for most of his professional career.  I’ve been a Teacher, Corporate Client Trainer, Employment Consultant, and Director.  Along the way, I have been privileged to work with many incredible people, including marketing and industry experts,  who have taught me important lessons that apply to business and following your dreams. 

I use what I have learned and practiced in real-world situations and strive to provide you with the support and skills you need to take your small business to the next level.  

I specialize in helping small businesses get their initial marketing strategies in order through a collaborative process.  It’s your business, I want to see it succeed.

“Tom’s passion for research and writing is evident when working together. He is both professional and fun to work with!” – Dusty Klifman / Blueyes Below

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Available in-person throughout Chatham-Kent and nearby regions.  Available remotely for local and long-distance clients. 

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