My Cool Story Background

Hello! You are reading this because I asked you to allow me to interview you for a writing project. You must have at least said “maybe” to end up here.

The short version is this: having had my employment and life disrupted, like countless others, by the Pandemic, I started writing. I also wanted a place to park my writing and to develop some basic website-building skills. I recruited some people to contribute content, and “Hey Presto!” was born.

I found, quickly, that I really enjoyed writing about other people. I enjoyed the process of calling, interviewing, and then narrating the stories that I collected. I am naturally interested in people’s stories so, this just made sense to me. Candid Badger is a fun project for me, but got me wondering what is next?

Well, more short version for you. In my previous employment, I have been fortunate to make friends and connections along the way with people that would never have been in my orbit otherwise. One of these friends is a very successful marketer. He likes the personal stories, too, and told me that if I wanted to pursue them, he would help me market them. Thus, an idea was born that has some real legs under it. “Phase 2” of my writing project will be the creation of a subscription service website. Content will be behind a paywall and the initial thought is that this is something I would like to have ready “June-ish” of 2021. Heck, there are even thoughts of taking the collection, once large enough and putting it into book form.

Up to this point, I have been writing stories to build up an archive. As the stories get written, I had been posting them temporarily on Candid Badger where they can still be seen. It’s low traffic, but enough for me to hone my system and get feedback. I am now at the point where the stories I write will need to be written but then stored as I am beginning to work on my second site. Your story will be one that hasn’t been published before, unlike the ones that have come before it. That means that it may be a while before you see your story out there in public, even though the work will have been done on it already.

Why were you asked for an interview?

Because you have an interesting story. Truth be told, everyone has at least one, and most have a lot more than that. But the premise of the larger project is that I want to tell the cool stories of anyone. Being famous or even notorious is not the point. Everyone is on equal footing.

Many people don’t think they are interesting enough. They are wrong. Once we find the right story, and I get it written, you will be surprised!

What is the process?

Depending on how well I know you, I may already have a story in mind, but am always open to changes.

The main part of the process, for you, is a phone call. I will call you, or you can call me if you prefer to keep your number private. We will talk, for about an hour. Some end sooner, some go longer, but an hour seems to be the norm. I will record the call and then later transcribe your quotes so I can pull them for the article. There is also a high probability that I will pull a quote or two from the recorded call to use in a podcast. Generally, this isn’t much more than a few sentences, as the podcast will be used as a teaser to entice people to read the article.

You may wonder why this is done over the phone, surely we could do this over email? Yes, we could, but the story at the end would not be nearly as rich or captivating. Sometimes, these calls take an unexpected turn or even get to a story that you would rather tell. It’s not an interview, so much as a conversation. And where that leads, no one really knows at the start.

I will likely ask you to provide a photo, as most stories start with a headshot of the person being interviewed. Also, if appropriate, I may ask if you would be willing to provide additional photos to illustrate the article.

Is there money in it?

The people who tell me their stories and allow me to write them give those stories freely. I do not pay for stories.

You can trust me with your story.

The goal is to provide the audience with “cool stories.” They may be about anything. It could be something you own, bought, experienced, or even ate. It could be a story of survival with a moral for the reader, or it could just be fun, too. There will be a variety of stories in the end, and yours will be treated with respect.

Unless essential to the story, a lot of personal identifiers can be removed if you wish. During the call, you always have the option of not answering a question or talking about a topic.

The opposite is true also. If you have a website or social media presence that is relevant, it will be included in the article if you wish.
It really is about you.

So, please, check out the Cool Stories section at and get a feel for what I am after. Believe me, you have a cool story. People will get a kick out of reading it. And in this time of Covid, we need all the cool stories we can get.

Revision History

This Document is current March 3, 2021