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De Havilland Mosquito: Building The Pest Hitler Couldn’t Swat

The Canadian Aviation Museum sits on the west side of Windsor Airport and occupies a large, old hangar. This space was used in World War II to house planes that were used in pilot training before the young men were sent into action. It seems fitting that this...

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The Dietitian vs. Me and my Reluctance

The Dietitian Became Needed “What is your relationship to food?” is essentially what I was asked. What kind of hippy-dippy talk is that? “How do I feel about food?” More of the same. I like it and I eat too much of it. I mean, that's essentially why I started...

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A Happy Buzz Around Beekeeping

Bees take some getting used to, but Lindsey and her husband have been keeping bees, and enjoying the honey, for over a decade. “I think humans, in general, have a very visceral reaction to things that buzz and things that are striped,” mused Lindsey. “It's...