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Please Stop Asking How Much Charities Pay Staff

Since the beginning of the pandemic small communities across North America have begun to experience many issues that were once prominent in larger cities. Challenges brought on by a lack of mental health resources, inflationary pressure, and economic uncertainty...

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Living With Chronic Illness

Living with chronic illness sneaks up on you. It can move so slowly you don’t even feel its creeping presence. One day you realize that you are doing fewer of the things you enjoy. You don’t go out as much. When you do, you go without your partner. Vacations and...

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Skydrive 2022 Was More Than an Airshow

Ever since the Wright Brothers tamed the air with the Wright Flyer, people have been drawn to fields worldwide to watch airplanes fly. Masses of people used to flock to Huffman’s Prarie in Dayton, Ohio to watch the Wright Brothers fly their machine. Each week they...

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De Havilland Mosquito: Building The Pest Hitler Couldn’t Swat

The Canadian Aviation Museum sits on the west side of Windsor Airport and occupies a large, old hangar. This space was used in World War II to house planes that were used in pilot training before the young men were sent into action. It seems fitting that this...