Dusty Under Water

Great Lakes Shipwrecks: An Underwater Visual Story

March 8, 2021

March 8, 2021

Great Lakes Shipwrecks

Dusty Klifman was kind enough to supply more photos than we could use in the main article!  They were so cool we thought they should be shared.  We hope you enjoy them!  If you somehow missed it, you can read about him and his love for Great Lakes Shipwrecks HERE.

The Elmwood Wreck

Elmwood's Bow
The Elmwood Wreck from Above
The Elmwood Wreck Deck View
Elmwood Wreck Side View

The Eber Ward

Eber Ward Ice Damage
Eber Ward In The Gloom
Eber Ward Bow

The Newell Eddy

The Newell Eddy
Newell Eddy Stern
Newell Eddy
Newell Eddy Open Stern
Newell Eddy Sonar Image
Bow and Anchor Chain
Open Hatch
Deck of The Newell Eddy

The John V. Moran

Interior Space on The John V. Moran
John V. Moran

All photos courtesy of Dusty Klifman

You can find Dusty at Blueyes Below on Facebook and many of his images are for sale HERE

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1 Comment

  1. Paul

    GREAT compilation of photos!
    What stories they could tell.
    One thing is for sure, they will never look better.
    “You take us places we have never been.
    and show us things we have never seen.”


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