Gallery Old closed hotel

Vacancy: An Abandoned Places Visual Story

November 1, 2020

November 1, 2020

Abandoned Places

My obsession with the abandoned began over a decade ago with a visit to the former Traverse City State Hospital—also known as the Northern Michigan Asylum. (I have captured countless images over my many visits there, some of which I will eventually share.) From the moment I first stepped onto that site, I felt an odd mixture of sadness, peace, curiosity, and wonder. These emotions seem to land every time I explore a place that is frozen in time. My hope is that, in some small way, the photos I take will preserve and honor the people, events, and memories that dwelled there over the years. If this concept also fascinates you, I invite you to check out my entries and journey alongside me.

Abandoned Places: Vacancy

We encountered this deserted motel in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula this past summer during a post lockdown trip. What surprised me most was how untouched it was. Although several rooms were unlocked and accessible, there was a stunning absence of graffiti or vandalism, and conversely, the presence of items left behind. How many people came and went from these rooms? What stories could these walls tell? When did this quaint lodging close? Why? We drove away that day, leaving my unanswered questions hanging in the dust behind us.

gallery abandoned hotel garage

Roadside Haven

Gallery Old closed hotel


gallery old sewing machine

Sew Neglected

gallery old luggage rack

Unpack Rack

Gallery Chair and Rubble

Have a Seat

gallery old clothes rack

Hang It Up

Gallery Old Water Tap

Wash Your Hands

Gallery Old Window


gallery old towel


gallery rusty doorknob

Knock Knock

gallery fallen office sign

Office Hours

galler old seweing machine 2

Sew Neglected Too

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