Tom Slager

Not quite sure if he is cruising into, past, or through his midlife crisis, Tom finds himself with the belief that there are a lot of stories to tell. A jack of many trades, he has worked in education, retail, and not for profit industries. High school teacher, corporate trainer, fundraiser and stockboy cover the span of his work. A proud graduate of Calvin University, he has never lost his love of a good history or a good argument. He has always believed that the story of an individual is just as important as the story of a nation.

My Contributions

Floating Homes and Big Ideas in Wallaceburg

Floating Homes and Big Ideas in Wallaceburg

In 2019 a new company made its home in Wallaceburg, Ontario. The news around Twin Dolphin/Strong House Canada was that it intended to build floating homes, which garnered the moniker “the houseboat people” for the founders, Alex Topol and his son Mischa. Sally Joyce...

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